Basketball Skills Combine Information

Hello and thank you for registering for the 2016 season of Little Lakers Basketball! We have a very exciting season planned, and it looks like it will be our biggest one yet, as we will soon have over 100 registrations for the first time ever!

Our skills combine will be taking place on Wednesday, January 20th, at 6:30pm. Please note the time change, as we have had to push the start back slightly. At this event, participants will have the opportunity to work through some basketball drills and be evaluated by potential coaches. We will have our varsity basketball coach as well as many of our varsity basketball players at this event to help get everyone coached up. Please know that this is not a “try out,” and is only designed to help gauge everyone’s current ability level. This event is not mandatory, if you are unable to attend, your son or daughter will still be selected to a team for the upcoming season.

After the combine, coaches will meet to divide up equal teams for the season. The following day (Thursday), rosters and schedules will be posted to the website. When rosters are posted, you will receive email notification.

Parents- If you are interested in volunteering to help coach a team this season, please see us immediately before the start of the combine on Wednesday night.

Division Breakdowns
This season, we will once again have three divisions which will be broken down by age/grade. If you have an individual concern about what division your son or daughter is placed in, please contact us.

Fundamental Division (Grades PK-1) – Outdoor court – 3pm
Our fundamental division has been created for our youngest participants to learn and develop basketball skills. In the fundamental division, participants will spend 20 minutes every Sunday being put through developmental drills by our varsity basketball coach and players. These drills are designed to teach basic basketball skills: dribbling, passing, and shooting. After participating in these drills, participants will have a brief water break, and then break into teams to apply what they have learned in games. Games will be played on the outdoor basketball court, and rims will be lowered to 8 feet.

Middle Division (2nd grade and 8 year old 3rd graders) – 3pm
Our Middle Division will once again play games at 3pm on the indoor courts. Coaches will hold individual practices at their own discretion. Indoor court space will be available on Sundays beginning at 2pm.

Upper Division (9 year old 3rd graders – 5th grade) – 4pm
Our Upper Division will consist of 9 year olds in 3rd grade, all 4th graders and 5th graders. This division is the most advanced. Games will be played on the indoor court at 4pm. Coaches will hold individual practices at their own discretion. Outdoor court space will be available on Sundays beginning at 3pm

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